12 Hours at Sunfest 2016

On the last weekend of July this year fell Sunfest, held for the first time at Laketown Ranch in Lake Cowichan. Given that the event has been held at the Cowichan Expo Grounds in recent years, which is right alongside the Island Highway, the new venue is in a much more reclusive location surrounded by trees and mountains. 6 months ago this giant plot of land was just trees, so I’m sure I don’t have to emphasize how much work went into getting the location to what it is now. The main stage is a permanent structure, and a massive one at that. Multiple fists bumps going out to everyone responsible for making this happen, from the construction and pre-planning, all the way to the day of.
I checked out the festival for 6 hours Friday night and 6 hours Saturday afternoon, and the name holds it weight; I certainly had some red skin after those couple days. Friday night was spent shooting the bands and filming Dirty Mountain’s set, while Saturday was largely spent in the back of a golf cart, going around judging the best campsite and enjoying a momentary “red cup break”. Below are 12 of my favourite photos from the festivities – For the complete gallery, check it out on Facebook here.  Thanks for reading!

P.S. Pic #1 is the best campsite, returning champs from last year.