Spooky Sombrio

Itching for some good ol’ nature, I headed off to Sombrio this past Thursday with my girlfriend to camp for the night and capture a few thangs. We arrived as the sun was almost gone, so we quickly set up camp and got a fire going and the smokies cooking. Beers and a couple long exposures ensued, and before long it was bed time. The following morning after breakfast we noticed a doll head hanging by a rope in the trees by our camp, and thought it looked a bit creepy. After venturing down the beach and hiking the trails for a few hours, we headed back to camp to find the doll head no longer in the trees. Where did it go!? Who put it there in the first place!? These were all questions that needed answering, yet they would forever remain a mystery.

I cut together a little edit of a few random clips I snagged while out there, trying out some day to night color correction. Everything was shot around noon, and although some clips work better than others, I’m happy with the results for a 10-minute quick fix.

Sombrio Beach is an oasis of sorts; the waterfalls, lush green forest, and the beach of course, are breathtaking. I have lucked out with excellent weather the past few times I’ve been, though even in the rain it is a great place to be. If you have never visited Sombrio, I would highly recommend it. And if you have, then you should go again soon!