The Wild Romantics – “A Monday In May” (The Rich Rico Session)

Evan Miller, (The Wild Romantics frontman) and I went to high school together in Ladysmith here on Vancouver Island, and up until the day we shot this video, I feel like the last time I saw him perform was at an Open Mic back in high school. In years past he met Aleisha Kalina, they formed The Wild Romantics, and the rest is history as they say. Since that Open Mic, Evan’s musical talents have expanded greatly, and I must say my camera abilities have as well. With that being said, it was super rad to work on a project together after all these years and the not-so-common encounters. We had just three hours to record the song and film the video between the band getting to Victoria and rushing off to The Zone @ 91.3 for a radio appearance; I am extremely pleased with how this turned out, especially given the time constraints. Shout out to Alex Eddy of Lyrics Studio for recording/mixing the song and also getting those lovely drone shots you’ll see in the video. Without further ado, I am proud to present The Rich Rico Session with The Wild Romantics and an acoustic version of their song, “A Monday In May”, from their debut EP She Could Tell. Enjoy!

Director/Camera Op/Editor: Luke Connor (
Drone Operator: Alex Eddy
Song Recording/Mixing: Alex Eddy (