Makabee – “Trendy White” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This past Friday, Centennial Square hosted the Victoria DIY Street Party, inspired by the Commercial Drive Block Party in Vancouver. Makabee gave me a shout an hour before it started asking if I was free to shoot a video, and that sealed the deal on whether or not I went to Van for the weekend or not (I didn’t). I hastily set up my camera and rigged my steadycam, chucked it in the car, grabbed a burger on the way, and it was time to film. When we first arrived we couldn’t hear any music, and were wondering if it was as lit as we had hoped. After a few minutes of checking out the scene, the music started and as did the party; 10 minutes later we were done filming. This is certainly the fastest I’ve produced a video, clocking in at just over 2 hours of total filming/editing time. If you didn’t make it to the party, this should give you a bit of an idea as to what went down.