OneHour with Dyltims at OneSix

On a rainy day back in November of 2014, a few days after purchasing my Panasonic GH4, I hit up OneSix with Dylan Timmins and Shaun Ingham to roll around and let the camera roll to test ‘er out. I don’t know if Shaun and I even skated, or just watched Dyltims casually cruise back and forth with little to no effort, perplexed at how he isn’t falling. After I put the edit together, it was mentioned it could be “too epic”, and Dylan wasn’t very stoked on his skating. So, I never put it out and my “GH4 Test Video” recessed into the depths of my hard drive until I was doing some Spring Cleaning recently. It’s been long enough that I don’t care if it’s “too epic” anymore, and Dylan’s skating has improved so it’s understandable this isn’t his best stuff 😉