Just Another Dallas Road Sunset

With my shoulder feeling a lot better after surgery than I expected, I only had to take less than two weeks off from shooting. With the sun out shining yesterday, it was a perfect time to hit up one of my favorite locations here in Victoria, the old faithful Dallas Road for the sunset and to snap some photos. With a bottle of dark beer for inspiration, I popped the cap off of my beer and my lens and started walking the beach. I am always amazed by the beauty and colors down at Dallas at sunset, and yesterday was no different. Armed with just a 35mm f/2.8 tilt lens, it took the thinking off of what lens to shoot with and allowed me to focus on the details. I have an entire shelf of lenses, and although I have options, it often leaves me swapping out lenses more than I should and distracts from the task at hand. No matter what lens you are using, you will get a good photo. It may not be what you set out for, but it will be something; you work with what you have and find something that looks good. I have been going out and shooting photos a lot more lately with just one prime, and it is an experience I would highly recommend to any photographer. Don’t think, just shoot.

-Luke Connor