Tilted Tuesday

Given the beautiful day we had here in Victoria yesterday and the errands I had to run downtown, it was a perfect opportunity to take my camera out for some “whatever-catches-my-eye” photography. I have always looked up in delight at all the shapes and architecture at the Victoria General Library building, though for some reason I have never shot any photos in there. Well, thankfully that was all about to change. Armed with solely a 35mm f/2.8 tilt lens (70mm with the GH4’s crop factor), I quickly remembered why I love shooting with tilt lenses so much. Like Willy Wonka’s elevator, you can bend the focal plane any which way you like. For a walk-around lens it is perfect; a nice focal length and plenty of room for fun. After wandering around downtown for a little bit and grabbing some much needed poutine, I eventually found myself at Willow’s Beach in Oak Bay for a little R&R with a friend. And with the sandy beach vibes to end my day outside, I cannot complain one bit. I hope you enjoy the photos, stay tilted my friends.