Help Heart & Hands Raise the Roof!

I had the pleasure of producing a video for Heart & Hands Health Collective for their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help with the inevitable (and extremely costly) replacement of their roof.
Heart & Hands is where I have been going for community acupuncture treatments for quite some time now, so this was definitely a great project to work on.
Please share this video and give them some love over at and help them reach their $8000 goal by the end of September.

Help Heart & Hands Raise the Roof!!

You Might Just Get Hit With the R.I.C.O.

I used to film skateboarding; well I still do, just not nearly as much as I used to. After’s 365 was released May 2015, I’ve found it difficult to get out into the streets often enough to see a potential full-length on the horizon. I didn’t want these clips to get old so I decided to edit together the few clips I’ve filmed in the past year for your viewing pleasure. Check out You Got That! for hundreds of more posts featuring Canadian skateboarding.

Fabian Passley, Dylan Timmins, Leo Graceffo, Mat Howell and Isaac Walker

Sloooow Mo

In between sets while filming for Ska Fest back in June, I decided to test out 96fps on the GH4 in lowlight – shot at f/1.0 with a Metabones Speedbooster and Sigma 30mm f/1.4. Not bad for a camera that “isn’t good in lowlight”.

Makabee – “Last Night” (Official Video)

Here is a music video I recently shot for Victoria’s own Makabee. Thanks to Upstairs Cabaret for the hospitality and all those who were involved in the project, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Check Makabee out on Facebook here.


Christian Tisdale and I have been working on a new video project recently, and with last week’s sunny weather we had to take advantage and get out shooting. On Friday I had my friend Emily come out to be in a couple shots for us in Fantan Alley to kick things off. Emily and I had a half hour before Christian arrived so we snapped a few portraits to warm up the camera. Afterwards, Christian and I scoured the downtown core and inner harbour for whatever caught our eye; all in all it was a productive day. More info to come on the project soon!

12 Hours at Sunfest 2016

On the last weekend of July this year fell Sunfest, held for the first time at Laketown Ranch in Lake Cowichan. Given that the event has been held at the Cowichan Expo Grounds in recent years, which is right alongside the Island Highway, the new venue is in a much more reclusive location surrounded by trees and mountains. 6 months ago this giant plot of land was just trees, so I’m sure I don’t have to emphasize how much work went into getting the location to what it is now. The main stage is a permanent structure, and a massive one at that. Multiple fists bumps going out to everyone responsible for making this happen, from the construction and pre-planning, all the way to the day of.
I checked out the festival for 6 hours Friday night and 6 hours Saturday afternoon, and the name holds it weight; I certainly had some red skin after those couple days. Friday night was spent shooting the bands and filming Dirty Mountain’s set, while Saturday was largely spent in the back of a golf cart, going around judging the best campsite and enjoying a momentary “red cup break”. Below are 12 of my favourite photos from the festivities – For the complete gallery, check it out on Facebook here.  Thanks for reading!

P.S. Pic #1 is the best campsite, returning champs from last year.

Rock the Shores 2016

Being my first year at Rock the Shores, I was not too sure what to expect, but I must say I am thoroughly impressed! The lineup was incredible and the weather impeccable. Top five favourite sets from this year would have to be The Cat Empire, Metric, Jesse Roper, City and Colour and July Talk. Big ups to the musicians, organizers, volunteers and everyone else responsible for making it all happen. Take a gander at 15 of my favourite photos from the festival, and check out the full gallery on Facebook here.  Thanks for reading!

Side note: I finally found the end of the rainbow!!

Disposable Snaps

No matter how expensive a camera you may have, nothing beats a disposable camera for convenience. Here are a few disposable shots from throughout May and June; disposable camera, indisposable memories.



Model: Carly Rubinzstajn

Tall Tree Music Festival 2016

Here’s to another great year up on Browns Mountain for Tall Tree Music Festival 2016!
To try and put into words just how incredible the energy is up on the mountain would no easy feat. I am constantly amazed by just how special this festival is and I hope that these photos help you relive the magic.

A huge thank you must go out to all the Bands/DJ’s/Musicians for the amazing music, the crew and volunteers for making the whole thing happen and improve each year, the vendors for filling my belly, friends both old and new for providing the best company anyone could ask for, and all the other beautiful people that were up on the mountain dancing your hearts out and bringing on them positive vibes.

I’m going to share twenty of my many favorite shots on here, and you can check out 500+ more photos from the festival on my Facebook page by clicking here and decide which ones are your favorite.

Much love and I’ll see you up there next year!